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Cherí Fit x Valiant Body Resistance Bands

Cherí Fit x Valiant Body Resistance Bands

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Introducing the Cherí Fit X Valiant Body Resistance Bands! Our resistance bands come as a set in two designs to help you reach your workout goals in style.

  • Our non-slip resistance band is made of soft thick durable cotton/polyester and features an inner layer with non-slip latex string. Unlike latex workout bands, fabric resistance bands will never slide, roll up or break easily during use!
  • Resistance bands for legs and glutes are ideal for warming up, working out, and stretching the Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Hip, Abs. Lower-level hip bands help warm up your entire body. Higher-level can activate your glutes, legs, and other muscle groups. 
  • Valiant Body x Cherí Fit exercise bands come with a portable storage bag for travel. 


  • Light Cherí Fit Logo Band 14-25 lbs of resistance (37% Latex, 63% Polyester-Cotton)
  • Medium Brown Leopard Band 25-35 lbs of resistance (46% Late, 54% polyester-Cotton)

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